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Interesting are some surfacing issues when skimming through critical reflections on global economy and its work conditions. Why does Christoph Schwarz’s benign self-reflexivity seem so contrived, and maybe even conceited? I salute the laborious endeavor and envy the use of sustainable travel and self-imposed working conditions to his advantage. But what exactly is the product of the sweetened, diaristic approach in these artworks? The diaristic mode, which can be a good strategy, seems to fall short in this case owing to its sentimentality, existential indulgences. Am I mistaken to think that these rather solipsistic works outsource in the similar way, if not in the same vein, does their object of critique, with a facade of benevolence? Take my new Nikes for example, these are creme fresh, and very comfortable – walking and running had never been so pleasurable, breezy. Making the capitalist saunter evermore sound.


Written by secondcousin

August 23, 2012 at 5:50 PM

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