Up and Coming Gallery or Failed Chinese Propaganda?

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Likely funded by Chinese government or other interest groups, this gallery screamed of american/asian competition.

The “Asia Store” located on the first floor had buddhas and silk scarfs galore ($200-$1000 szechuan style), while the show on the second and third floors featured the type of Asian identity art we are so used to, in which sewing machines are wrapped in silk thread, self portraits are sanded down until the white paper shines through, and bodies are cast in plaster ($1000-20,000 Risd Basic style).

This juxtaposition of overtly political conceptual art with artisan eastern goods was a confused attempt at Chelsea-ism; the only thing that was laid bare was a deep-rooted ambition to outdo Americans at their own game. It was the transparency of this message more than any lack of visual professionalism that made this attempt so obviously designed and free from even the slightest intrusion of art.

Written by secondcousin

October 15, 2012 at 1:07 AM

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