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My asshole smells like shit sometimes I need to be reminded of this fortunalty sometimes I scratch my nose after scratching my balls The stench seeped forward because the region was so long unattended to because I am busy with montages of people carefully curated from a globalizing world I hope to be driven to dramtic emotional catharsis output by seeing the diverse sounds shapes sizes and shades of brown that encompass human life in the Next part The high wine of a synthesizer noisecancels that of a helicopter suspended over a vast blue glacine ocean (slow pan) harmonic epiphany like a beet drop then a child living in destitution and I take another bite of Baja burrito and let out a low thunderous slow burner of a mutha fuckin fart i can only musterup the throat lump no crying next is to check my updates very few updates but its sufficient considering my exhaustive efforts to appear not to be promoting a personal brand because today I am anti everything just like a hard core crust core grind crossover band with a forgettable name but extremely compelling album cover listed in their promotional web space.  Their album cover depicts a man with tattoos of  pentagrams chains and weed and goat skulls sliceing open the head of another man who appears to be a fixie gear tank top summer of 2011 vegan type.  Sloppy line work here represents expression necessary to communicate violent rage death  and the masterful deskilling formally and intellectually likely represents the artists inopportune upbringing escaped from/to hopeful but unforgiving higher education escaped from/to inopportune squat culture.  I am reminded of rap lyrics obviously because I am an eclectic post modern type the lyrics are in a rap song that says im different yeah im different. It is ironical to me because none are so different because cmon I just watched a movie that featured people from all over planet globalization those people are fucking different! and then I consider how people in Romania also are in debt and people in china also are in debt and actually very few people are not in debt especially catholic types like me because of original sin and the need to repent so now I am thinking about looking for the wiki space for debt to see if there is some ontological transubstantiation way of thinking about debt not restricted to economics look I am already open to the wiki space for perversion it is way more complex than most of the Other thinks it is consider if you would how one interprets the term adjacent to compassion or like lacan says scopofilia is having to do with a subject object relationship and that two subjects can quickly be turned into one subject and one object and that’s what happens  also 60s liberation movements are and then I notice there is fetish porn open on other tabs.   I did it this morning and I  l o v e the way sometimes fetish porn represents unattainable things in places that don’t really exist and that’s how I like it because to be perfectly honest assholes look fucking disgusting.


Written by secondcousin

January 15, 2013 at 3:39 AM

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  1. brooooooooooooooooo


    January 18, 2013 at 12:02 AM

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