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one of my favorite exalted king artists says you have to be possessed to be an artist and that sounds better than selfish compulsion because being possessed sounds like theres some cool dark entity inside of you besides your self that needs pleasing what do you call that thing where does it come from and where do i get/meet one?  another dogfather artist type famously said that the artist needs to sacrifice his self to his art i think that sounds so romantic and awesome that it gets me so hot and juiced like when i look at a naked sweaty jesus christ high on the cross.  ok theres this test where they give a kid a cookie and tell Him that if He can wait ten minutes without eating it He makes a profit of one more cookie but if He eats it he gets a net gain of nothing they found that those kids who waited did better on SATs plus they are at lower risk of high body mass index plus have a lower risk of substance abuse i thought about how this applied to me last night while feeling worthless about exfoliating the fuck out of my septum wit dat pure rico its stupid anyways because now they use that test in church schools to prove something about the virtues of hard work and patience and sacrifice and capitalism  i want to have nothing to do with telling innocent and impressionable kids what they are going to be like in the future what if they feel indebted to this silly experiment/prophecy.  thats a terrible feeling.  The worst place to come down is at compulsory parties at non-compulsory private institutions surrounded by kids with mad more cookies than you..  damn crash bandicoot thats a terrible way to think you’re better than that thanks man i really did appreciate that.  talking to my Dad today made me feel better too neither of us care about the the super bowl neither of us felt like we  o w e d  our exalted home team anything but we figured we should do it anyways that it would be fun/worth watching with friends and it was and something tells me thats the best way to do it. #believe


Written by secondcousin

February 4, 2013 at 5:02 AM

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