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Freund_innen wg love the contemporary culture, especially our staff formidably equipped and also very luxurious as it were excellently located residential community seeks from 1June a roommate * who posts a released as the fifth in bunde worthy represents -. most naturally long, but they are not pushed through sympathy captivating between tenants inside * of the door sill sweeps from the elegant French balcony of 16sqm-rooms on the third floor of the overview of the roofs of the busy train station frankfurt quarter, in the street canyons of the pulse of the city pluckert. An advantage of the situation of the rooms to the road out is undoubtedly its impressive brightness (südseite!), which is fairness sake, however, be noted that where two tram lines go along, so it’s not entirely dead silent

‘s. plank floor, high ceilings, central heating, but the landline and wireless leave no wishes open and included in the price of about 380 euros included. in the remaining part of the five-room apartment romp about four people who could be described confidently and without understatement as immensely likeable. the age-between shortly after relatively young to just before the end of post-adolescence (24-31 years / / 2 * m * 2 * w *) shunting non-functional-wg meets like the detail-furnished residential corridor to the collective series broadcast on the television, prepares curry together in the spacious kitchen or vegan spreads to or regularly argues with spirits through moving subjects (relationship concepts and why they do not work / queer-feminist critique of dominant states / who has slept through this time their finery service? / etc.). if previous sounds for you to feel-good atmosphere, you have no pets, no fondness for strong smelling deodorants have with propellant when “radical left” for you not being dirty word and you ideally used to talk in wgs, write to , tell a little about yourself and get to know us!

*       *       *

Ok. Since I have only recently begun to grow Zunge, I have employed here the dominant

English tongue.

Note: This is a response to a Google Translated ver. of your post.

Shall we begin with a checklist?

Erste, I am contemporary. The ethos of the Last Minute may be materialized as critical practice for it signifies the privileging of potentialities and resistance to murderous compulsions.

Formidable is one of my main vocabularies.

Luxury is an important concept as I come from a privileged class able to afford

high-education in the US and the time to ruminate critical theories and their real life applications. By choice. 

June is, personally, always a critical month for change as my birthday is smack in the middle of the month. Yes, I am a Gemini.

Strong deodorant is the source of neoliberal aphrodisiac designed to seduce the perpetually sexualized capital, the use of which iss the ultimate negation of the biological-self.

“Radical left” is a dirty term – spoiled, eaten and pooped out by the Empire (or if you prefer- Thy Kingdom Come Shots), the bowels of which the majority occupy as some kind of metabolic bacteria (are we? Or can we become parasites together?). At any rate, IMHO, that term seems to cry for renewal or complete abandonment. To be used as manure?

Radicality occurs through insidious means via daily life practice, sans lingual ultimatum.

Who is me? I am not sure. Papers say I am American. Strangers say I am Chinese, Korean, maybe Japanese. Friends say it’s whatever.

Is it perhaps that which empowers me what reflects who I may be? Women singers have hegemony over me. Lana del Rey, zum beispiel, wedded the ghost of freedom with the capital of femininity, through self-empowerment and the chained image of vanity. One is oft left perplexed to know what feminism means, as a spirit floating in between affectation and praxis, especially for someone who is not a woman.

In this light, how does one consider biology in the face of bio-politics?

I am told that castration takes place during the mirror stage.

But I still see that I have a penis.

And now there’s only the wonder…

Would you still be interested?



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May 13, 2013 at 8:51 PM

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